For the Records: A documentary film

I co-filmed, edited and produced this film with Hazel Sheffield. Featured on BBC News and Capital New York, and screened by The Bronx Documentary Center, The Greenwich Village Historical Society and The New School.

Bleecker Bob’s closed in May, 2013. This documentary was released a year earlier, in May, 2012.

In its heyday Bleecker Bob’s counted music legends Robert Plant and David Bowie among its customers.

Robert Plotnik co-founded the shop in New York’s Greenwich Village in 1967. It soon became the place to listen to the latest music and to see the musicians themselves – and Robert Plotnik became Bleecker Bob.

But the stars are long gone, and now, young music fans are more likely to come in to buy posters for their dorms than vinyl, and the landlord has decided to put the rent up in line with other properties in the area. The doors of an iconic record store are still open. But for how much longer?


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